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I’m Valérie, a multi-passionate French / Portuguese pattern designer and creative entrepreneur.

I specialize in designing unique and captivating designs for a variety of products, including fabric, stationery, home decor, greeting cards, and more.

My designs are inspired by a range of styles including folk, vintage, grungy, and boho, and I always add a touch of elegance and whimsy to bring them to life.

I’ve been a self-taught artist since 2011 when I first discovered the potential of Adobe Photoshop to create a digital photobook for my daughter.

Despite growing up surrounded by a creative family, my academic background is in foreign languages and International management. In fact, most of my corporate career was in the textile industry where I had the privilege of working with renowned brands like Tsunami Skywear, Air France, and SNCF, among others.

Licensing my art to companies who sell my designs with their products and spread beauty and joy worldwide is always a pleasure.

My ultimate goal is to inspire other artists to become more confident in their creative journey and art practice.

My style…

The artwork I create is mainly inspired by my dual Portuguese / French culture, a mix between folk Portuguese traditions and French elegance.

My mother’s garden is one of the most inspiring places where I can find an endless source of beautiful flowers, greenery, trees, herbs, and fruit to infuse into my work.

You guessed it: botanical themes are my favorite, and I can never have enough of them!


My technique…

Even though I finish my artwork digitally, I like to start most of my projects using traditional media like pen and paper to get an authentic, hand-drawn look. This step is fundamental to avoid the feeling of missing something in the creative process.

It’s so satisfying to look at a completed project and reflect on the steps that led me to the final piece!

My Inspiration…

“You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to.”

Chris Guillebeau


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